“Tryon Horse Country”, as it has been coined, is not just a place, but an entire culture expressed in every art form, from painting to cinema. The “Tryon Horse Country” experience extends out past the borders of Tryon, NC into the neighboring towns of Landrum, Columbus, and Saluda as local equestrian events and supporting businesses are united in their welcoming spirit.

“Tryon Horse Country” has been named one of the top equestrian areas in the county (Equestrian Quarterly Magazine’s Summer 2013 issue). The overall area, the Isothermal Belt, has been named “One of the Best Rural Places in America,” and the “The Best Places to Raise Your Kids” (Business Week 2012) It’s no surprise. For some families, an equestrian sporting lifestyle is a way of reconnecting with old-fashioned values. For other travelers, it represents a life they are eager to experience. For competitive professionals and amateurs alike, the Tryon Horse Country lifestyle represents the pinnacle of the ideal equestrian life.




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